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my name is higu rose. i'm a black n trans east coast badboy. you may refer to me with 'they/them' pronouns and masculine titles (hahaha).

i draw comics. when i'm not drawing comics, i create illustrations and designs.

8 fun facts:

-i got my septum pierced at 8 gauge because i am impatient and a fool.

-i love yu yu hakusho.

-i collect blankets and bedsheets.

-i was once nominated for a Smackjeeves award (lost to a pair of hets).

-i love yaoi.

-i love SWORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-i grew up in north Philly, moved to Pittsburgh for school, and now i live in Chicago.

-i picked 8 because it is a nice, even, symmetrical number; fool am i... fool am i... sometimes you gamble and you lose.